More than just a car show

Whilst of course the main point of ForzaLIVE! is to show off the best Italian motors, that wouldn’t make for the most riveting show.

We’ve therefore put our thinking hats on and come up with a range of other attractions and activities to keep you entertained for the day, along with some delicious delicacies to keep that tummy happy as well!

So don’t worry if your partner isn’t really that into Italian metal, there will still be something for them to enjoy 😉

Concerned about safety? Don’t be! We’ve got you covered with that too – we’re happy to announce that Chris Knott are fully insuring the event – so you can just chill and enjoy the day!


Put your Scalextric skills to the test on our giant 6x3m track. With 3 simultaneous lanes available, you can either race your mates or just try for your own best time!
Put your strength and stamina to the test with this exciting adrenaline fuelled activity. It’s fast, furious, great fun and FREE! We’ll be running competitions throughout the day with prizes for the best of the best (and maybe the worst!)

No one likes listening to silence all day, so we’ve got hold of a high fidelity 2kW sound system just for you guys!
Got a shiny Italian motor? Then why not display your car in the Show n’ Shine area. All types of Italian cars are welcome, whether it’s a garage queen to a detailed daily mile muncher – any age, any make, any model.

More information and Car Entry

Well we are on a farm after all! Something to keep your little ones entertained!

We've got cows, sheep, pigs, a Shetland pony and 3 cutesy rabbits just for the kids 🙂


Get a taste of real Italy with a freshly made pizza direct from a stone oven - no rip off burgers here!
A taste of Italy on the tip of your tongue – or as Gino would say “delizioso!”

More coming soon!

We’re still in the initial organising stages at the moment, so keep checking back as we add new items – see below as to what is already confirmed!